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IPMS-Hawaii Japan Tour 2002

I think it is safe to say that this has got to be the ultimate dream of many modelling clubs around the world. Visit hobby Shop after Hobby shop in Japan! Rather than bore you with text, here is an on-line photo album of what we did. Enjoy!

Four of the Six and their luggage.

Shane catches a few Z’s on the plane.



Dean and Brad on the Shinkansen from the Airport

Kyoto Tower at night. Our landmark back to the hotel



Neal and Lance in the Subway

Lance in the foreground, Giant Ferris Wheel in the Back



Frolicking Dolphins at Osaka Aquarium

Neal and his date?



What an ugly kisser!

Enough fish…Let’s go Hobby Shop Hunting!



The first catch of the day…Hobbyland!

Poor Lance waited for us for 90 minutes!

Some 1/700 scale goodies

Happy customers Happy owner!



Hobbyland Owner and his wife

Chinese food in Japan?



The Entire gang outside of Hobby Kansuke.

Thanks to Lance of Kyoto for meeting us and snapping the picture.

A small selection of the OOP kits in Kansuke.



It says Hobby Kansuke and the hours of operation

The outside of Hobbix



A train layout inside Hobbix

Inside the Volks Shop



12" Figure Diorama Centered on a Kubelwagen

The Wrong Shinkansen



We all meet on the correct Shinkansen

A float from the Aomori Matsuri in Tokyo Station



First stop in Tokyo, Mr. Craft. Cars galore!

1/43 and more.



Tokyo Hand in Shibuya

Tools, toys and models galore at this stop.

Sakura-ya in Shinjuku



Brad decides what he need and what he can carry home.

Ancient Aurora C-141 at $160 found at Leonardo



The Girls behind the counter at Leonardo in Akihabara. Why don’t we have these in Hawaii?

Dinner with Brad’s friend, Masao.



Busy Osaka Station on the way to Osaka Castle

We lay siege to the castle and a UFO



"I think we’re lost again?"

Shogun Sekigawa



Shane is first in line at Hobby Shop Asuka near the castle

Shane and a date checkout the 1/43 cars



Dean is all smiles at Toyota Amlux

Beautiful and helpful counter help at Amlux Osaka



Just a little color from down the street of our hotel

Breakfast for hungry travelers



Geisha/Maiko pair near Kiyomizudera during our Temple of Doom Tour

They were kind enough to allow Val to snap their picture



The stairs to Kiyomizudera

Three Story Pagoda



Panoramic shot of the temple complex. Due to the haze, Kyoto city is invisible in the background



So red the maple leaves

Ticket vending machine for the subway



X’cite in Namba, Osaka

Scooping up the goods, Neal and Lance leave nothing for anyone else!



Omiyage Hunting in Lawsons (7-11 type store)

Bibbed fox at Fushimi Shrine



Lance and the path to enlightenment

Dean and Val’s haul



Lance’s Goods

Neal’s Stuff.



Who’s the fat kid in the red shirt?





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